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40+ successful women entrepreneurs share their journey to Success, Prosperity, Happiness and Abundance.
Hear first-hand how they overcame struggles and became masters of their own fate.
Learn their TOP secrets to client attraction, list building, social media, income acceleration, wealth and more.
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A virtual summit guaranteed to make your inconsistent results a thing of the past.

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The Online Hiring Success Formula: How to Find, Hire and Outsource for Less

This talk gives you 20 years of real world virtual management skills, packed into a short powerful talk to teach the recruiting essentials you need to succeed in a thriving online business.

Boosting Your Bottom Line with Cat Stancik

What will always work for boosting your bottom line – no matter what stage you're in.
Learn how leveraging the right or wrong strategies can make or break your business.
Business can be a lot simpler and more profitable than you're making it.

Ultimate Abundance: How to know if you are creating from a survival or purpose driven frequency

Do you consistently and sustainably create abundance? Or are you a “hit or miss” in creating and manifesting even what you “need”? Learn what's missing and keeping you from sustainably and consistently creating abundance in all areas of your life. Get the strategies for moving past fears, limiting beliefs, and mindset blocks that every entrepreneur faces, so you can avoid common mistakes and overcome any obstacle. Shed the energy of struggle and overwhelm and step into the flow of money, love, passion and purpose abundance!

Take your biz to $10k+ months with the Shortcut Queen

How to take your biz to $10k+ months without a website, team, funnel or anything techy

Success Without Sacrifice

The one thing you can't increase is the amount of time in your day. If you are not using it wisely, it is costly you dollars. And the reality is that if you are struggling with cash flow…it's also costing you your happiness. You have to be more efficient with your time, focus on what makes you money…so you can be happier in the process.

How to Leverage the Power of Content Marketing and Magnetize Your Message to Attract Your Ideal Audience

They'll learn the importance of having a powerful marketing message that speaks clearly to their ideal audience and how to get clear in their messaging. They'll also learn the importance of content marketing, how to get visible, and position themselves and an authority figure, leader, and an expert in the industry.

Learning to hear spiritual nudges and intuition

How to listen to their intuition immediately and to begin taking action on it. The free gift is a combination of two gifts, an intuition journal to being listening and witnessing how often they are already connected to their higher self or spirit, and two is a mediation to accept their spiritual gifts.

5 Steps To Set And Reach Your Revenue Goal

Do you sometime feel stuck at a certain income level?
Do you find yourself pulled in a hundred directions with nothing to show for your work?
Today we are gong to dive in to the 5 Steps To Set And Reach Your Biggest Money Goal Yet. I'm sure a few of these steps will surprise you so get ready, when you apply them you will make a quantum leap.

Become a Bad Ass Money Babe

We will learn the steps to become financially fit, and what could be stopping us from achieving that.

Giving Yourself Permission to Leap

Why saying yes to your leap is the single most important thing you could ever do.

The importance of healing vs. getting over doubts + fears.

How to tap into the energy of your future to create your present.

Healthy Entrepreneur, Healthy Business

Your Game-changing Competitive Edge is Your Story

By listening to the interview, they will learn the importance of doing the inner work to uncover their truth and unique story. They will be inspired to make personal growth + development non-negotiable to compliment their big vision of Life. By doing the inner work, they will learn to be more connected to their impact and how they can truly attract clients into their business. The power of storytelling will change the way they feel about creating content, making content and sharing it with the world.

How to get booked with Facebook groups, even if you just started

I will share step-by-step formula on how I got my first $5K clients without speaking English very well. Visibility plan. Consistency. Creating and re-purposing content to sell your service

Ready, FIRE, Aim! How to get more leads and sales with Facebook Ads – BEFORE you even publish an Ad.

The key to standing out in the busy Facebook Newsfeed AND to creating a profitable Ad Campaign is to cut through the noise and speak DIRECTLY to your ideal client. Unless you have a huge following, if you go too broad, and try to create an ad that talks to everybody, you will connect with nobody.

While you may find you get a lot of people Opting In to your free offer, you’ll likely have very low conversion rates at the backend when you try to sell your offer, because you haven’t really connected with your ideal client, illuminated their pain and reminded them of the life the want by overcoming their problem.


Having a magnetic brand message is the quickest way to captivate the hearts and minds of your dream clients, even if you get totally “tongue-tied” or cringe when someone asks “So what do you do?” Communications expert & Online Business Coach, Kym Mulcahy shares the key components of a captivating brand message and how to make it “uniquely” yours , so you always stand out from your competition.

From Zero to 6 Figures in 18 Months

Michele Scism thought she would start her coaching/consulting business and people would just line up to work with her. After all, she had just sold her company for $9 Million. But that wasn't the reality and after 12 months she had only made $12K. She had to make some changes and then she did 6 figures in her business in year 2. Want to know what she did?

Secrets To Building Your Business Leveraging Interview Marketing

==> What Interview marketing is and why it matters
==> How to reach out and ask for the interview in a way they will more likely get a yes rather than a no
==> What is interview marketing and why is it so relevant and important to viewers today
==> How interview marketing get people instant credibility and exposure
==> What the silly mistakes most newbie interview marketers make?

The HOTTEST method to lead generation, list building and client attraction!

Discover the exact method to bring you abundance of leads, skyrocket your list building and make you THRIVING AND PROFITABLE!

Hot and Easy Tweaks to Overcome Crickets and Lack of Clients

Join me as I talk with Suzanne Proksa, Business Strategist and Coach, about how to inject some simple tweaks into your business to get you off of the sidelines. We will discuss:

==> The three things that Suzanne sees as must haves for a successful online business.
==> Her hottest suggestions for where to look if the clients aren't flocking to you.

How To Build (and keep building!) A Successful Business without Overwhelm or Personal Sacrifice

Tried and true tools for building a business if you're a woman who ALSO loves raising her children, having a personal life, or being present in your relationships 🙂

Learn how to cut through the noise and overwhelm of life, internet advertising, flashy e-courses, and overwhelming “shoulds,” to understand what you and your biz need for growth, and how to clearly focus on consistent, best steps forward that build success.

Influencer Intensive: How to be a stand-out authority in your niche

Do you like the idea of being an influencer? Are you ready to be a stand-out authority in your niche
and keep a step ahead of the competition. With the marketplace feeling a little tight these days, you
may be realizing the importance of being known for your area of genius, and today Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark is going to share her best tips for being that go-to expert no matter where you are in your business.

Standing out as a leader in your industry

I will share what I've learned about standing out as a leader, and as uniquely yourself in your industry. I will share some of the hardest lessons I've learned, and how to avoid having to learn them for yourself.

How to get out of your head so you can step into the spotlight.

Are You Holding 
Yourself Back? In a summit like this you are learning how to increase your visibility and influence, but if you might find that when you go to take action you are met with resistance, perfectionism, procrastination, imposter syndrome…I could on and on! This interview dives into building awareness around our not-so-nice self talk and how to turn your inner mean girl into your inner fan girl!

Silence the inner critic to unleash your badass purpose

We all have so many ideas about how our businesses would look if we had no limitations. The biggest challenge often comes from lack of confidence, or negative beliefs that sit in our unconscious. These things strangle our attempts at really living fully in our purpose or going to the next level. Once we address the inner critic by breaking down all the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are running, you then find it easy to freely & unapologetically be you and ready to step up to into creating a life your dreams are made of – one that is the best version of your badass self.

Get Paid What You’re Worth: How to Raise Your Fees…Without Losing Clients

A lot of entrepreneurs worry that if they raise their prices they’ll lose business, so they continue to settle for less. That’s because they love what they do and are not in business strictly for financial gain. It’s time to correct the mistaken belief some entrepreneurs have that financial struggle is necessary in order to follow your heart professionally. It’s just not true.

Join Loren Fogelman, founder of Business Success Solution and author of The Success Solution, to discover a valuable system for clearing roadblocks to financial success. Get Paid What You’re Worth: How to Raise Your Fees…Without Losing Clients shows motivated business owners how to grow successful businesses without compromising their values.

During this action-packed session you’ll learn:
• The #1 shift to go from cash struggle to prosperity.
• 3 simple client attraction strategies.
• The top 4 things clients value most and will happily pay for.

The keys to get paid what you’re worth are counter-intuitive. Transform the focus from struggle to prosperity and map out the next steps toward creating a profitable business you love!

Building 40K Weeks with Sabrina Philipp

1. I will share the exact tools and strategies I used to make 40K in one week.
2. How to use social media to blow up your business.
3. How to balance life and biz.

Create High Converting Facebook Ads with Ease!

Learn what the most important steps are to creating high converting Facebook ads with ease

True health & wellness begins with your state of mind!

Finding balance in this busy world, and navigating self-care can be challenging when you're healthy, what about if your sick, tired, overweight, battling a silent dis-ease in your body! That's where I come in, to forge the path, to hold your hand and guide your self-healing journey. By, Conquering Your Thoughts, Avoiding Negativity, having some Nature Therapy, Letting Go of Control, Ways To Stay Positive, Dropping Resentment, Embracing Forgiveness & Gratitude we can accomplish anything your heart desires! Naturally!

From Insecure Entrepreneur To Confident Leader

In this interview, Carrie Robaina shares what helped her go from insecure business owner to confident leader.

Amazing Facts Why PR and Media is Magical with Celebrity Radio Host Debbi Dachinger

5 ways to start a radical platform and profitable business right now through media and writing bestselling books.

How to Be Purposeful, Profitable and Empowered As A Highly Sensitive Coach, Healing Practitioner or Creative Entrepreneur

How to use your Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur® Strengths to be your most productive self in your operations and marketing


A talk about creating an empowering lifestyle doing what you love.

As Janet Morais shares the importance of being a woman, and the hard work she and other women put into to getting to where they are today in a MALE-LED SOCIETY while MOTIVATING WOMEN TO SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER AND LEAVE THEIR MARK ON THE WORLD.

Confidence + Faith = A Mindset For Success

How putting your faith in someone bigger than yourself takes the pressure off of you to control the outcome. You put the intention out there. You do the work. You do all that you can to get the result you desire. Then you surrender to God or your higher power to take over the rest. This has taken the pressure off of me in decision making and outcomes.

You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with

How who you associate with can make a huge difference in the level of success you attain…

How mindset work turned this mums struggle into empowerment

About my story, how I went through so many horrible things, turned it all into positives, still here today and now live my life purpose impacting the world. Daily mindset work to really change your life, how a mother of 5 manages to impact the world and run numerous businesses from home.

Amazing YOU!

Self-Confidence for Women
How to get started as an entrepreneur

Why content marketing is the ultimate 6 figure strategy you are under-utilizing

How to combine content creation + content promotion to earn trust, and make sales much faster than ever before
How to be vulnerable without “crossing the line” and oversharing (so that you form a real connection with your audience)
How to leverage the biggest stereotypes and shortcomings of your industry to change the conversation and explode your business

The fastest way to Build your Audience & Get Known.

My story of shy introvert, and how I've managed to build my profile, my audience and get known.
People think getting known and having a following is only for the extroverts. Not true!
If you're shy, don't let that stop you. I'll share how I did it, my mistakes, and the one thing that's important to building your following and it's got nothing to do with whether you're an introvert or extrovert.


Serena Carcasole a Visibility Expert and a Certified Money, Marketing and Soul Coach. She is the creator of Get Visible ~ Get Clients ~ Get Profitable Blueprint, CEO of Virtual Business Solutions on Demand and founder of Amazing Women of Influence and Amazing Women Entrepreneurs Network. She is an author, speaker, and online business and marketing expert who helps coaches, healers and other service providers who struggle with getting visible and getting paid for their gifts, to make six figures in less time doing what they love, while they make a big impact in the world with their unique signature system. She is passionate about TRANSFORMING the lives of women entrepreneurs who DREAM BIG and are Determined to Live Life on their terms!

Join us on a global TRANSFORMATIONAL Celebration and make 2018 the year YOU Get Visible and THRIVE!

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What a few of Serena's Fans have been saying about the Amazing Women of Influence Summits

This summit was so amazing. Hearing all these women's stories helped me in so many ways. I learned, I'm not alone in my struggles in growth. That my belief in myself IS just as, if not more important than anything. I was inspired by their stories.. the… if she can do it so can I … concept. But i think, beyond the knowledge these fantastic women shared so freely, the feeling of community was what inspired me most. I related to most of these ladies and felt that they could truly be part of my tribe. Thank you Serena for creating this amazing summit. It helped to inspire and motivate me!

Wendie K

Wow, what an amazing experience Serena has organized! Amazing Women of Influence was definitely a game changer for me and well worth getting the full Access Pass. Can't wait to watch them all again!

Cathy H

As a budding newbie this was an amazing summit and a great opportunity to see such power houses come together. It was an inspiration for me and to see all the possibilities you can have over the internet as a coach. The wisdom and knowledge these ladies gave us was incredible ! I thank you Serena for putting this together and look forward to the next one.

Martina A

This was the best summit by far on business that I have listened to in a long time. It covered every aspect of business that one could want and did so with no fluff and to the point strategies that work with any business. The speakers were clearly experts in their respective fields and provided tons of content and value. Serena's interview skills were impeccable and I recommend that everyone gets their hands on this juicy content and be sure to sign up for the next Amazing Women of Influence Summit you will not regret it!!

Krissy L

This was the best summit by far on business that I have listened to in a long time. It covered every aspect of business that one could want and did so with no fluff and to the point strategies that work with any business. The speakers were clearly experts in their respective fields and provided tons of content and value. Serena's interview skills were impeccable and I recommend that everyone gets their hands on this juicy content and be sure to sign up for the next Amazing Women of Influence Summit you will not regret it!!

Phylicia J

The Amazing Women of Influence Summit is a game changer. It challenges you to think big and go after your passion. There are so many nuggets of wisdom in these presentations that help you move your business to the next step.

Shelley T

My energy comes from others' stories. The Amazing Women of Influence did just that. Sharing the small stories in your life or business can provide a ripple effect that someone else may need to move to the next step.

Collette S

I have dedicated my adult life to public service, but my husband and I desire to become entrepreneurs! We would love to create and run a family business that can continue to bless our kids as we transition into retirement. Thanks to all the inspiring speakers for the motivational boost!


It's a blessing to have such a dynamic compilation of speakers for one summit. I don't know how you pulled it off, but I'm so glad you did. Anyone who listens with their hearts will walk away with strategies thaey can immediately implement, and I mean put to good use today!

Ande S

This was the most engaging Summit I have ever attended. Every presenter brought their best to this event. Not only was the content valuable, they also offered a free gift. I left each session enriched and motivated. Thank you Serena!

Paulette B

The Amazing Women of Influence Summit was an eye opening experience for me. I got advice on starting my business from 30 women who are breaking boundaries with their online businesses. They are my inspiration. Any woman interested in starting or growing a business will benefit from the wisdom from these ladies.

Thabi M

Serena's interviews have been all around awesome. They were both educational and inspiring. Each woman of influence gave me a different perspective – something new that I may not have considered prior to this summit. Very empowering for my life and business.


The Amazing Women of Influence Summit is….well…amazing! Listening to other women entrepreneurs is very fulfilling and inspirational. Whether you are just starting out or are widely successful or somewhere in between, this summit will invigorate you.

Julie D

Serena, You did a phenomenal job bringing together a very diverse group of women. There was a golden nugget in every interview. Bravo to all of you and thanks for sharing all of this expertise with us!

Tanea S

It's YOUR TIME to become a Woman of INFLUENCE and Live Life on YOUR TERMS

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