Amber Annette

Topic: Six Figure Psychic Success-
How to follow your higher calling and create a higher income!

Amber Annette is life and business psychic medium who takes a non-traditional and spiritual approach to coaching and consulting purpose driven entrepreneurs. She uses her gifts of psychic-mediumship, and blends them with her business acumen to give entrepreneurs, and executives, creative, and unique ways to reach their desired level of success.

With a strong background in leadership, sales, marketing, coaching, and training, Amber Annette weaves her passion into success strategies that are divinely designed and custom to the not only the business, but the individual.

“Everyone has special gifts, talents and abilities” says Amber, “I want to bring those into the light so that all entrepreneurs feel alive and aligned in their business, so it never feels like work!”

Amber is also a mom to 4, ranging in ages from 2-21! So when she's not building her business, or working with a client, you will find her at one of her children's baseball games, or enjoying the lake with her family and friends in MN.

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