Desiree Doubrox

The Power and Joy in Change!

As an entrepreneur since the age of 12 Desiree has always been the founder/owner of her own businesses. Such as the Marina Mermaid, A Models Media, Lookin’ Good productions and Celebrity Auctions to only name a few. She is the CEO of An Empowered Woman that has developed into an exclusive global networking community and resource center for women professionals and entrepreneurs. Supporting women who are starting, fixing or building their businesses with web TV and radio shows, MasterMind meetings, tele-classes, seminars, coaching and unprecedented live events. Desiree is the producer and publisher of “Let’s Talk Success”, a digital magazine distributed in 11 countries with access to over 1 million viewers. This includes podcasts, photos, articles and TV shows modeled after the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” featuring women who have achieved the millionaire status as they share their stories, challenges, victories and secrets to success. Her newest venture is HomWork. Live where you work. Work where you live. Anywhere in the world.


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