[00:00:04] Hello everyone. I'm Elizabeth rider and I have a list of great questions here so I'm just going to dive right in.


[00:00:11] Q: So, one of the questions that people are asking is, what method of marketing networking or advertising gets you the most clients and for me that’s really evolved and changed as I have grown my business. I've been a health coach for about four years and in the beginning, it was really talking to friends and family but also attending events.


[00:00:35] I was living in Denver at the time and I would just Google local meet ups is a great place to find health related events and I was going to also a lot of female entrepreneur events because what I found was entrepreneurs loved to promote each other. So, I'd go to these entrepreneur events and someone would have a local boutique, or someone would have a real estate business or something. And then they would find out what I did, and we could give each other a lot of referrals. So, I think for me in the beginning it was going to a lot of events. I'm probably most known for my online nutrition programs and what’s interesting is when I started my online nutrition programs the content was of course online. But the way I was finding people to do my programs was more in person. So, the first two women who went through my online nutrition programs were two women that I met at a live event in Denver, a female entrepreneur networking event. So, I signed them up and they did the program online, but I had met them in person. It really evolved over the next few years from my blog and I have a huge following online now and when I tell people the success for me finding customers and clients online is, to give, view what is your giving 90 percent of awesome free information and they'll pay for the other 10 percent. So, I don't do any one on one coaching because when I was doing on my health coaching I found that I had the same exact same thing to everyone and that’s really all the content from my 21-day program.


[00:02:06] So I thought oh well I'll just create an online program and send people through it it's much cheaper for them and then they get you know everything that I teach somebody one on one sessions. And what’s helped me get so many clients, I think I've had close to oh my gosh it's probably a thousand people, close to a thousand people that have gone through my attrition program is giving so much free value valuable advice on my blog. In a lot of that is the form of recipes and I just tell people, tell health coaches. People love recipes and food is the common connector between all people. So, I keep my recipes short, easy, healthy and delicious. And I always include a really beautiful looking picture with my recipes and sometimes I just use my iPhone to take that picture and put it on Instagram or actually have it a Nikon DSLR that I bought for my blog as well. So, I take nice pictures but a great recipe with a great picture is a great way to build your online audience. You can't just reply on your online audience. You can't just rely on you know posting something on Facebook and expecting clients. You really have to engage with people. That's how I've really grown a lot of my business and clients, so it's really evolved.


[00:03:13] Q: The next, one of the next questions is what tip can you give health coaches that will ensure success and have a full-time practice making six figures. My favorite thing to tell people is there is no sure guarantee of success. And there's also not one tip. So, if there was one magic bullet or one thing I teach everyone, of course everybody would become millionaires and that's of course not the goal. But, really what you need to do is learn to be very open from learning from successful people do not try to recreate the wheel. So, look to people who you admire, who you think, gosh I hope my business looks like that someday and see if they have any training programs that you can join. The biggest part of my business is on a direct sales company with USANA Health Sciences. I have people come to me all the time and say Liz I would love to get your training and have your help to build my business, but I don't want to sell USANA. I always tell them that's great. You need to find what you want to learn how to do. But I can't train you to do it differently because that's how I done it. So, if you want to learn from me and have a business-like mine, that's part of the business. So, there's not one tip to success. Nothing will insure success, but I will say, it's really important to find someone who you admire and learn what their tips to success are and how they've built their business and don't recreate the wheel.


[00:04:40] You know there are people out there that are, you know integrative nutrition gives you so many great resources for your clients. If you do another health coaching program I'm sure they give you get resources too. I give my team a lot of really great resources. Look for other resources out there. Don't recreate the wheel.


[00:05:00] Q: Do you have any suggestions on what health coaches should not do that can delay their success.


[00:05:07] So I really don't think there's a right or wrong way to do anything, but I will say that I think a huge thing that holds people back is that they don't actually dive into personal growth and development. So, your business will grow in direct proportion with the amount of personal growth that you do and it's all that personal growth that helps you kind of get over those internal hang ups about sales and having your own business. And you know I've been quoted as saying a lot probably most recently on TV is saying I really believe this that if you want to be in business for yourself you have to be a sales person. So, I never trained my team on not being a sales person. I train them on how to love sales because if you can love sales if you know that you're being authentic and you have your client's best interests at heart you can love sales. You know people are looking to you as an expert and you should be introducing them into products and services that can really help them.


[00:06:05] Q: And then the last question I am going to answer. I was so excited to see into this question is, what do you think of direct selling or MLM businesses that sell products such as vitamins shakes or essential oils etc. Do you work with one of these companies and tell us about your success. What kind of income we can expect.


[00:06:23] This is such a great question. So yes, as we mentioned before I'm actually one of Usana Health Sciences top income earners in North America which I am very excited about. We all start with zero and I worked really hard the past four years to get there. I have a very high multiple six figure recurring income from USANA. So, here's what I tell you about direct sales. There were some companies in the 80s that really ruined direct sales for a lot of people so direct sales and network marketing are basically the same thing. MLM means multilevel marketing USANA is not technically multilevel that’s kind of an old school some companies are still multi-level where you get paid out on levels. USANA is a little bit of a different compensation plan called a binary but they're all kind of lumped into the same category.


Here's what I tell people is the absolute key to direct sales no matter what company you choose is the product has to be highly consumable. Highly consumable meaning they take it every day and they need their supplier replenished every month. So, this is why I would never recommend doing a direct sales company that is essential oils. Now I think essential oils are great and there are some drug sales companies out there that make fantastic essential oils, this isn't anything against the product.


[00:07:35] However as far as a business making money, it's not a great plan because, I even use essential oils and I have a few cousins who do different essential oils companies and I buy from them. I use my essential oils a lot. I do a lot of baths with essential oils and I use them at night to sleep and i do all kinds of stuff with essential oils. I still have essential oils and I bought 9 months ago I have one that I bought like 3 years ago that I still use. They are not highly consumable. They are consumable but not highly consumable. So unfortunately, a lot of the oil companies have started to make shakes and bars and supplements because they know they need something highly consumable but never rely on essential oil company to make your vitamins. You need to rely on a vitamin company to make your vitamins. That's why I chose USANA. I mean there are other reasons why I choose USANA Health Sciences, the only pharmaceutical grade product line in North America. There was a lot of different reasons, but they put all their research and development into their actual products. They didn't have to create a side product to sell which a lot of companies even like Avon which again is a great company. If you look at the Avon catalog. They've got like skincare, foods, supplements, pajamas and jewelry. All this kind of stuff because they needed to add some more stuff. So, I would never go to Avon and you know buy something that isn't what their trademark is. I don't agree with everything in their products anyway.


[00:08:55] Again don't buy one it's not a company's trademark.


[00:08:58] So you know a lot of essential oil companies unfortunately they are also private and they don't disclose their financial statements. Skin care companies fall into this as well. The main thing is skin care. A lot of that have gone into Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. It shocks their distributors and a lot of them unfortunately go out of business just because the product isn't highly consumable. You know again they can make great products, but it has to be highly consumable. Otherwise your income just comes from recruiting new associates which isn't great. So, I love working with USANA if you guys want to learn more about my USANA team you can go to or my website and come partner with me, Learn more about that.


[00:09:43] I love direct sales I think the industry is phenomenal. It's a different way of doing business that allows you to do business as you want when you please and really you can form your lifestyle around the business which I think is hugely viable. So, I'm a huge fan of the industry. There are some great products out there. I would to say always make sure when you are looking at a direct sales company that your product is very highly consumable.


[00:10:09] So thanks for having me you guys, have an excellent week and I will talk to you soon.



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