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Top 10 Ways To Build Passive Income In Your Biz To Get Consistent Cash Flow NOW!

Building a business can be challenging, so let's take the hard out of the equation, and get cash flow in your business now. In this training you'll receive the Top 10 Ways To Build Passive Income In Your Biz To Get Consistent Cash Flow NOW! You'll also receive a handy workbook to help you get the most of the video training.

Lead Acceleration Mastery – The Ultimate Action Guide to Creating & Launching Lead Magnets That Convert Like Crazy!

Want to know the best way to get more clients 24/7 even while you sleep? You need a compelling, client attracting Lead Magnet! Don’t know where to begin? This ultimate Action Guide covers everything you need to know from concept to launch to create a Lead Magnet that’s guaranteed to convert. From topic selection, to attention-grabbing titles, to how to promote, you’ll love this easy to follow step-by-step guide!

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Getting Started with List Building

The List Building Blueprint.

A must read!

In this report: Resources, Tips, Segmenting your list and creating a hot lead magnet.

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Captivate On Camera:

Video Marketing Quick Start Guide

7 video Mini-class on video marketing

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Password: 014q423ruewofidh

Pricing Do's and Don'ts

Is your packaging and pricing turning away clients?

The key to stepping into the high-end client model and offering High-End Packages requires knowing the pricing do's and don'ts. This will empower you to own your value and be successful in stepping into a high end client model and mastering the money conversation.

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365 Self Improvement Tips (Swipe Files)

365 Self Improvement Tips you can use for social media posts so you can make social media easy and fun.
A whole year of content to help cut down on time spent looking for content to post or use it for yourself for inspiration.


365 Marketing Tips (Swipe Files)

365 Marketing tips you can use for social media posts so you can make social media easy and fun.
A whole year of content to help cut down on time spent looking for content to post or use it for yourself for inspiration.

Signature Package Design Master Plan

Create Packages that Sell

Learn the 3 key steps to packaging your expertise into offerings that increase your income & give you control over your time. I've put together this amazing step by step system into a concise, easy to implement program that you can do in an afternoon. What you can expect in this program: Learn the common mistakes to avoid when designing packages The 3 foundational steps to creating high-value packages Discover how to create multiple streams of income from one master package Training Audios, a Comprehensive Workbook full of worksheets and guides. Plus, real-life examples from my own business. I show you exactly how to do it.

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Product Launch 4 Part Series

Planning Your Product Launch

Tired of being stressed out and overwhelmed during product launches? This guide will teach you how to successfully plan your launch so you are prepared for anything

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Planning Your Offer Funnel

Are you ready to automate your sales process to save yourself time? This guide will teach you how to effectively plan your offer funnel to get more leads and revenue

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Running Your Product Launch Does the thought of running a product launch intimidate you? Learn the most important steps to successfully run a product launch

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Affiliate Recruitment Struggling to get affiliates to promote your products? This guide will teach you how to successfully recruit affiliates to promote your products and increase sales

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92 Self Improvement Graphics for Social Media

92 Self Improvement Graphics
you can use for social media.


Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark


Ever wonder how people grow their FB fan pages and business pages by the thousands, when you've only been able to get a handful of friends and family members to give you a like. I'll show you how to do that easily and with hot leads that are engaged with your message. Plus, a special Facebook ads training for those who want to make the most out of their ads marketing, without wasting precious marketing dollars on a bad ad.

Sue Clement

Your 90-Day Profit Plan to Success!

Want to make your next 90 Days… your BEST 90 Days? Our easy to use 90 Day Success Plan helps you take stock of what’s working in your business, what’s not, and guides you through steps to set yourself up for greater success. From reflections to projections you’ll gain greater clarity on how to win the inner and outer game of business in a bigger way.

Bonnie Groessl

7-Day Featured Podcast Guest Challenge

“In Just 1 Week You Will: Identify your ideal audience and create your core message perfect for any interview Explore and identify the best podcast hosts to approach in your niche Create a powerful media kit that makes you stand out as a sought-after guest Discover how to effectively pitch to a podcast host and benefit from their established platform Get booked on a podcast that reaches listeners in over 60 countries around the world Bonuses: 4 Free Group calls on Friday’s at 1 pm ET to ask your questions, practice and get help you need (that’s a month of support) Lifetime access to Private Facebook Group for continued support and networking Featured guest spot on “The Gift of Choice” or “The Holistic Entrepreneur” podcast FREE private one-hour Strategy session (regularly $150) You can ask me anything!

Rachel Feldman

Wellness or Health Coach Epic Social Media & Business Tools Giveaway

Done for you: 40 Professionally designed Social Media Images, Three Tweets and a Facebook Post to Rock The Online World, One Epic Blog Post and a Client Follow Up Email.

Amy Walker

Expert Audios – Good Sleep and Stress Relief

Three Interesting and Varied Interviews from the Wellness Sessions
Nick Littlehales – All About Sleep
Patricia Ladis – Capnography
Sarica Cernohous – LED Light Therapy

Brittany Bullen

The Book on Personality Marketing Sample Chapters

  •  Create content that stands out AND sells
  •  Save time and money getting it right the FIRST time
  •  Stop spinning your wheels trying to “be everywhere” and zero in on the stuff that actually MATTERS 

Sherri-Lee Woycik

The Viral Photo Secret

Learn how to use images in a unique and fun way to stand out in the newsfeed and get you more likes, comments and shares for your page.
Coupon Code: AWE

Wendie Kause

Unleash 6 Secrets to Mastering the Art of Local Client Attraction

Discover your unlimited client attraction potential.
These 6 steps will teach you everything you need to know to Network lik a Pro and become a Sales Bad Ass!

Christine Furtado

Double Your Profits in 30 Days Or Less

Discover the simple and practical way to doubling your profits in a short time and creating Financial Abundance Forever!

Christine Tona

Love Yourself Into Ecstasy – 7 Day Challenge



This 7 Day Challenge will show you how to get out of your own way and open the floodgates to receive all you desire and deserve.

Nafissa Shireen

Get Booked Online

If you want to extend your reach beyond your local area, speaking online is the best way to do it.

  • Podcasts
  • Telesummits
  • Video Summits

Most online events are only advertised once all the speakers are lined up. And, podcasts hosts want to interview people that are already well known. And many of them have an minimum list requirement, which most new speaker entrepreneurs don't have. So the question is HOW do you break into this avenue for speaking? I have been featured on eWomen Network Radio, Today's Innovative Woman, Ambitious Entrepreneur, and many more and in addition have spoken on dozens of online events, long before my list was the size it is today. I give you all the tips, strategies and techniques in this detailed online training. This training is worth it's weight in gold!

Coupon Code: SerenaXmas

Michelle McGlade

Target Your Market Like a Boss


If you want a bustling business, it’s simply not enough to be an amazing practitioner and as you know, you can’t be everything to everyone.

When you get specific and target a market full of people who need and want the outcome you’re offering up, your schedule will fill up faster than you can say plantar fasciitis. Get this step right, and you’ll quickly attract dream clients who are eager to pay you what you’re worth AND refer you to all of their friends, family and colleagues. Get this step wrong, and you’ll be left chasing dollars and serving clients who don’t serve you.”

Michelle Barr

TELECLASS: Create A Vision Board Based On the Powerful Principles Taught in “Think And Grow Rich” and Turn Your Desire Into Riches!

In this Teleclass, I will teach you the very specific 6-Step Manifesting Process laid out by Napoleon Hill in his bestseller “Think And Grow Rich” and utilized by thought leaders ever since. Then I will lead you through the construction of your very own Vision Board for 2018. This isn’t your average vision board and may be very different from what you have done in the past. This is Purposeful Manifesting at its best based on timeless teachings, Universal Law, energy medicine, and brain science.

Serena Carcasole

Get Visible ~ Get Clients ~ Get Profitable

Learn the 13 step proven success formula that teaches you everything you need to know to have a thriving automated business that is consistently generating Leads and attracting CLIENTS ON DEMAND! In this Blueprint you will learn:

  • The exact formula you need to follow to be seen as an expert
  • How to grow your list and following quickly and easily
  • How to get High-End Clients and Charge High-End Pricing
  • The steps you need to take to dramatically increase your online presence
  • How to increase conversions on your website
  • 2 Bonus tips to master high-end client attraction
  • Visibility Checklist
  • and much more!

Instant Download