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Thank you for your interest in the Amazing Women of Influence Events, Summits, Blog and Podcast (launching soon). Please fill out the form below and I will be in touch shortly.  Please note that I follow a strict criteria for speaker selection. For example 2 solo emails are required. If this is an issue please specify in the notes below and we can discuss an alternate solution.

In order to be considered for the summit you will need to have a social media following and / or significant list size.  List size is not my main focus however if you do not have a social media following then a active email list is mandatory.  Unfortunately if you do not meet either one of these criteria then you do not qualify for speaking on summits at this time. However, fill out the form below. I read each and every one that comes through and if you are not selected for the upcoming Summits there may be an opportunity to be featured on the blog, podcast or newsletter.

The Amazing Women of Influence Summit is an online event to help inspire, educate and celebrate women entrepreneurs. The audience is a combination of start ups, established entrepreneurs and inspired women who are considering entrepreneurship.

The event is meant to share your story into entrepreneurship and also your best tips on what you recommend for success. We also talk about your specialty.  This is not a pitch fest however you are welcome and encouraged to offer a free gift that they can opt-in on your link so that you have an opportunity to build your list.

Please fill out the form below and I will respond to let you know next steps.

I thank you for your time and submission.

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