Sunny Dawn Johnston

Topic: World-renowned author, inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher and psychic medium.

Sunny Dawn Johnston is a best-selling author, Inspirational speaker, psychic medium and teacher specializing in personal development and Life & Biz harmony. Using her 20 years of experience in the field of personal development and her ability to intuit peoples challenges and conflicts, Sunny helps people to open up to their own powerful energy; release the things that no longer serve them and learn how to heal the energy from the past – which is likely holding them back from both personal and business goals as well as health and well-being. She uses untraditional methods to support people in healing and teaches them the power of their mind, body, spirit and emotions in order to take their life back.

Sunny believes that everything personal is business and everything business is personal. Meaning there is no separation, no box to put one or the other in and each affects the other – in all areas of life; health, finances, emotions, relationships, mindset, etc.. She offers tools to bring the two into harmony so that the client(s) can experience WHOLENESS! Sunny’s clients describe her methods and teachings as “life changing”.

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